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Who is ChapterMkr and what is he all about?


Name: James.

Birth Place: Toronto Ontario Canada November 7 1964

Moved to USA in August of 1990

Currently residing in Bismarck, ND.

Hello Everyone. First, I would like to thank you for visiting my web site. You have obviously come to this page to learn a little bit more about me. Well I will do my best to fill you in.

I am a simple man who enjoys the simple things in life but always manages to sound complicated. I strive to be an honest and trustworthy person, and to be liked by all. My views are sometimes contradicting but always beneficial to both others and me. At times I may suggest one idea, then suggest another for the same problem or solution. Now this may be confusing but once you get to know me you begin to understand my ways.

Life has many paths that we can take so of course there are many different choices that we can make. The main rule I follow is: Do what makes you happy. Follow your dreams and if you make mistakes never regret them. Learn from them and then continue on, trying not to make the same mistakes twice.

Below is a picture of me. Now let me explain why I chose this particular one.

This picture is the real me. Sure I could have put on a suit, flashed a great big smile and gave the impression that I am the man everyone likes and trusts, a good looking man, one with integrity and shows himself as a professional. Well I am all that and more. The reason for this picture is to do just what it does. It shows the real me, working at my computer (on this web site) and presenting myself in my truest form. No hype or flash to make you think I am something I am not. I am just an average person, living an average life in an average town, trying to make a little money and have fun with the Internet as so many others have had the privilege to do.

So, if you are interested in joining me in this venture then I welcome you. If your not then again I thank you for visiting my web site and hope that you take advantage of the other areas I have to offer.

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Thank you.

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