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Artists: ChapterMkr


What are friends  or dare I say.
Friends are  those we wish would stay.
Stay with us through thick and thin.
Stay together when we lose or win.
A friend is one you cherish most.
A friend is those we make by choice.
Now many have their version of friends.
Mine are those who are there in the end.
On this page I have my friends.
Those who said I could keep till the end.
There are those friends who I have kept.
That are not listed but I will never forget.

A poet I am not as you can see, but friends like you deserve to share my dreams.

Author: James West.(ChapterMkr)©2000

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This poem will not be rated or eligible for Feature Artist.

I got bored and decided to try something with one of my graphic programs.

Corporate in the morning.

James West.(ChapterMkr)©2000

This Graphic will not be rated or eligible for Feature Artist.