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Artists: Velvet Goede

Velvet has a original and refreshing way to express herself through poetry. Here are few of her poems.


The stranger I knew
When I caught your gaze
A calm remembrance 
Of long past days
Tenderness woven in
A memory that lies
That time when I last
Looked into your eyes

I know without knowing 
The feel of your touch
I remember your kisses
I needed so much
And although I know
I've never met you before
It just makes me want you
All that much more

I remember no memory
Of a candlelight night
Our bodies were melted
To one 'til daylight
You had said to me
In the soft light of dawn
A line of lyric
From a very old song

It's a memory of lies
But a fantasy true
And a dream of a time
In the future with you
So look to me with
Your eyes of deep brown
Don't sever your gaze
As you're taking me down
Then fill my body
With a passion so hot
And make my fantasy
From a memory that's not

Velvet Goede


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Soaring on the wings of eagles
And tasting the breath of the sky
Being the center of sunrise
Or looking a deer in the eye

Try to see the dream of a tree
It dances in the morning dew
Excite in the aura of spring
Becoming part of the sky's blue

Blooming heart of apple blossoms
Revelling the probe of a bee
Splattering soft rain on your face
Wet kisses from clouds so gently


Velvet Goede May 17, 2000



He holds me suspended in his eyes
Like the stars are held in the heaven
Something inside of my soul that vies
With the thought that he has been given
For the sake of my sanity saved
Or for the thought that old fate still lives
And in its deep pools we have bathed
Our happiness together it gives

His arms give all the comfort I need
When he wraps them around me tightly
They sever my thoughts from ones that bleed
From the ones that weigh my mind lightly
Yet I see no one else in my heart
For the rivalry others may cause
Can leave one's weakened love to depart
He turns my head and makes my heart pause....

The miracle of his lips on mine
Sleeping with him beside me all night
I know his love is far from the line
In this life nothing has felt so right
I pity those people on this earth
With their singing of love come and gone
For they do not know what love is worth
They only dream between dusk and dawn

Velvet Goede


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