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Leave a message for an Artist. You can post a message for a particular Artist in the community area. No need to sign up to leave a message but if you want to join the chat room sign up is required. Enter our Community!

Due to the low participation Featured Artist voting has been suspended. If you really enjoyed an Artists work please leave them a message in the community bulletin board by clicking on the community link above.


Place your own link here automatically. After placing your link please place a link to my site on yours. You may use the banner at the bottom of this page if you wish or just add a text link. Linking to my site will ensure that your link stays here.

If you cannot see links here the server is down. Please come back later..

The rules are very simple. All work must be your own creation and you must agree to the terms and conditions of Tripod. Show it 4 Free and Tripod reserve the right to refuse, remove, or delete any content at any time for any reason. I will notify you if your work has been removed.

All work will either be placed on the site by me or placed by you in a message board style setting but will not be available for viewing until I OK the content. There will be a place for visitors to leave their opinion about your work and a featured Artists section on the Home page of this site.

So get those stories, poems, recipes, photographs, paintings, music, or any other work you may have together and E-mail me.


General Inquiries.

To submit Artwork.

Sorry we are not accepting Artwork at this time.

Please send artwork in .jpg or .gif format. If your submissions are very large I may have to reduce their size to fit on the page and compress the image for easier loading. If this changes the quality too much I will add an extra link to your pages taking people to another page that shows your work in the original state that I received it. I suggest you look around at how the other artists work have been displayed to get an idea of how I set everything up. Be sure to include the title of each piece when submitting your work. I do not rely on the file name as the title.

Also: Please send a short Biography and contact information if you sell your work or have a web site of your own. Thank you.


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