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Artist: Benton Ledbetter

"Banana Tree Tranquility"

This is Banana Tree Tranquility. This work is painted fired clay. This is the original work. This work is framed in bamboo. There is an edition of this work and is set to be printed into a fine art print edition. The film has been done for about 5 years but I am not in a rush but the print will go down. There is also a casted edition as well. There might be 20 casted from the mold. I like to let people think there is going to be a lot more casted but in the end I never let many be casted. I can tell more about the market by seeing what they may feel about my works within the numbers of the art game that I will never play. Just when you thought you knew what was going on you found out that you may not have ever had a clue. There is so much work in progress at one time it could tend to make a sane man wonder is this for real. Yes it is!