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Artist: Benton Ledbetter

I have been an artist for over 35 years and my work is mostly sculpture in these years but I have done a lot of painting and pen and ink in the past. My work has been published all over the world for many years and I also run Creations International Gallery of Fine art at this time.

I do my work through the spirits of the past and the present and also the future and many strange things have come about through this connection I have that I really don't understand to this day but I have to believe it when I see it as others do also.

I had done a work called Art A Fact and it was of a Mayan type relic. This work was editioned into a small casted edition as well as later editioned into a large print. For some reason I was guided to set the original on fire and film it regardless the severe damage I was going to cause to the original. I had casted editions that would have been just fine to do it with but I couldn't, I had to do it with the original. As it turns out I got the point to why I had to do this after it was said and done. In the days of the Mayan the Spanish had melted down all the gold they had taken from the Mayan to make there coins with. This was what had happened to this work many many years ago and the work I feel was trying to get through to me in some way which I feel it did. This was the spirits of the past sending me a message and maybe even a thank you for paying attention to there culture in a positive way. There are many more spooky stories like this.

You can see a lot of work at if you would like to check it out as well. I am approved to be published in volume 3 which I think is there July issue.

Worldnet Publishing at has published a lot of my work also and this would be a great place to review my work as well. Christopher R. Brinkoetter is the person from World Net that let me know I had created a new category of art work. He e-mail this news to me 9-14-98. I hope this helps you to find more information about the work I create. Thanks,

If you are interested in purchasing or other work by this artist you can contact him at: