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Artist: Nige

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Born - July 28 1958 Stockport UK. Attended Stockport College of Technology, 1974/76. Salford University 1976/79. I was trained as a graphic artist/illustrator, working in the advertising industry for several years. On projects such as record sleeves [mostly punk band's], poster's, press ad's, at the same time I had a few small exhibitions of my personal work, this mainly being pencil drawings & black & white photography, I left advertising in the early 80"s, to work mainly as a freelance illustrator, on greeting card's.
Then at the start of the 90's I decided to concentrate on painting, & began a body of paintings/montages, which have developed into what I'm working on now. I have had several 1 man show's of this work in the UK. I work in a mixed medium, i.e. newsprint, pastels, watercolours, pencils, felt tips /marker pens even children's wax crayon's as I like the bright intense colour's, ink's, almost anything that's at hand, I use in producing the finished painting.
My paintings should be viewed as image samples in the same way as audio samples are listened to, as they have been constructed from what's discarded /forgotten, then hopefully presented in a new light, & from a fresh direction. What I'm trying to do within my work is to merge "high art" with "low art" i.e. Warhol merges with The Simpsons, Bob Carlos Clarke visits Neverneverland, a sort of Alice through the looking glass, side by side, with Sascher Masuch, with some English whimsay adding a pitch of seaside postcard humour, oh & a bit of the pre raphite thrown in, for good measure.

The measurements of the work doesn't exceed 20"x25", often smaller, framed in rough pine. Prices are 100 ($150 US.) for an original 35 ($50.00 US.) for a numbered/signed print. (Price conversions are approximate.)

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