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Artist: Gordon Pynn

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Born in eastern Canada, Gordon began his love of art at a very early age and his first efforts were of the shorelines and seascapes that were so familiar to him. With time and experience, native wildlife became the focus of his work and increasingly his favorite and main theme by choice.
Having left from home in his teens years, he began a journey across Canada and worked at various occupations while continuing to develop his painting skills. It was while he was living in the Toronto, Ontario area that he was encouraged to approach some of the city galleries with his work. Their reception of his art gave rise to the hope that he might be able to think of art as a full time career.

Within a few years he had accomplished some fairly notable milestones and it was during this time period that the renowned artist Robert Bateman chose Gordons art along with other Canadian works for an art tour in the U.S., finishing up at the famed Lee Yawkey Gallery in Colorado.

The increasing success's of his work allowed Gordon to move to northern Ontario to open a gallery for his art and to be closer to the wildlife he loved. Throughout his career he has helped, using of his art, to raise funds for various charities totaling over thirteen million dollars to date. Gordon has also had the honor of having had his work presented to the University of Beijing China as a gift from Canada.
Gordon operated his gallery and wildlife sanctuary in northern Ontario for over ten years before finally deciding to fulfill another ambition of his and that was to have lived all across Canada by finishing the journey started as a teenager with a move to the province of British Columbia. One noteworthy result of his move to B.C. was that the greater Victoria Hospitals Foundation raised over twelve million dollars through its "Better Together" campaign with the help of Gordons art in limited edition form as its symbol.

Gordon Pynn continues to do the art he loves so much and to be involved in using his abilities for the betterment of others.

Inquiries may be made by phoning Gordon Pynn at: (250) 757-9373

or visiting his web page at:

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