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Artist: Ian Rossenrode

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Kenyan born artist Ian Rossenrode, graduated in Fine Art in South Africa. Moved to the UK, studied Graphic Design & lectured in Fine Art. Freelanced in illustration & animation in & around London. Returned to Africa. Worked for a variety of Ad Agencies & Design Studios, before returning to the world of freelance Design; Illustration; Model Making; Animation; & Commissioned Paintings.
Ian has held 5 solo & several group exhibitions over the years, although, the last few years have seen Ian 'returning to his roots'.... painting "His Africa"....Presently, Ian works from his home in Johannesburg, South Africa. When Ian is not busy producing high-end 'digital art', on Mac or PC computers, he is working on his next planned exhibition... Titled - You guessed it - "My Africa".

Although Ian's' preferred medium has always been Oils, he enjoys & works comfortably in most other media. In contrast to Ian's' early life in East Africa, he has always had a fascination for 'technology'... Unlike many of his contemporaries at the time, Ian keenly embraced the concept of "Computer Art".... He began experimenting & producing illustration & animation on Amiga Computers, some 16 years ago.... & remains as enthusiastic as ever!

Ian has 'split' his Web site into his "Ethnic Africa & Wildlife" & "Commercial Illustration & Multimedia"...

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